Highly disappointed as a 25 plus year member in the poor quality of both agents I tried through the Movers' Advantage program. More disturbing was when I was asked to call back to confirm withdrawing from the program and I offered feedback as to why, it felt like there was zero interest in hearing the issues, improving the service - just a scripted "we hope you'll try us again in the future" and "thank you for trusting USAA". It was like talking to a robot.


I gave two Coldwell Banker agents an opportunity to help me search for a home and compared to an outside referral, their quality of service didn't get above a 2/10 - when I reported to their coordinator after the second failed attempt, I received no response back at all.


I am not even going to consider using the lending service based on the terrible reviews and based on my experience with trying to give USAA agents my business. Very, very poor experience all around. Don't waste your time. There are many experienced, eager agents who want the commission for your sale. 


Dear member,


I am saddened to hear about your experience and that you are feeling discouraged. We truly do value your 25 year membership. I have escalated over your comments over to someone who will be able to further assist you. They will be in touch shortly. Thank you for posting in the community.

My experience exactly. USAA sent over a rank amateur from another town to sell our home. Had her friend take some pictures with a cell phone! No showings the first month. Fired her and listed with an agent who sold another home in our neighborhood. Sold at full price within a few months. Same deal with buying--horrible agent with no idea what was going on in our market. Did buy with her, after a stressful search, and got the check, but she missed several items at the closing that wound up costing us that money and more. HORRIBLE PROGRAM!!! Avoid at all costs!!!!!

Joe Dirt, I am sorry to hear of your expierence. We want our members to have excellent expierences every time. I have shared your expierence with a colleague and they will reach out to you as soon as possible. - Janay