Just wondering if USAA is ever going to offer Home Loans/Refinance for Members who have or would like to buy homes in PR.  There is a large number of veteran homeowner who live in PR or who live in the states and still have homes in PR.  I think it would be a great market to look into, and it would be a monumental benefit for our Soldiers, veterans and family members.



Thank you for posting! I have sent your suggestion to offer services in Puerto Rico up the chain. Please continue to share your thoughts and ideas to improve USAA! Thank you!

I agree. I really do wish to have the alternative for mortgage loans in PR.

Was there ever a resolution to this question from USAA?
Good question Marty.

Marty93 & 92G,


Thank you for reaching out in the Community. USAA is not currently offering mortgage loans for members outside the 50 states of the USA. Member feedback is important to our continued success. Your comments have been noted for review. Thank you. -Gus

How about now?  PR is part of the United States, has an active military base, many retired military folks...

At this time USAA is only offering our mortgage products in the 50 states.