I am unable to reach the loan officer I had been working with. I was told after the last mortgage application was terminated that I’d have to go through the preapproval process again. Does that require that I fill it that out on the site? Does some information get re-used? Willing get to keep working with the same loan officer or will I be assigned a new one?


Hello Lifetime dreamer. I am sorry to hear of your difficulty reaching your loan officer. You have the option of completing a new preqaulifcation online, or speak with a loan officer, but it would be easier to complete online due to the call volume we're experiencing at this time. Once you complete the prequalification, have found a property, the next step will be completing an application. That process can be initiated online as well. Once you are prompted to call USAA, you are not required to work with the same loan officer, but our team may attempt to connect you with that same individual. If you submitted documentation, any valid document can be transferred over to the new loan, if that is what you meant by information. Please let us know if you have any additional questions. Thank you.

Hello Lifetime Dreamer.  You do not have to go through USAA to get a great loan or use your VA loan.  You can go through any broker in your area.  If you are using a real estate agent, ask for 3 referrals of Lenders in your area.  3 that are not affiliated with the realty company.  You can always use theirs if the rate and fees are exceptable.  The things you want to ask are:

What will the interest rate be?

What will the orgination fee be?

You probably don't need to pay discount points because the rates have never been lower.

Can I prepay the loan without a penalty?

Any other Lender fees?

All fees have to be disclosed to you within 3 days of making a formal loan application.  TILA RESPA


Maybe it is a good thing you did not get your loan yet...  you never know where the bottom may be...


I recently had to cancel my mortgage with USAA and move to another provider.  I too was unable to get in contact with my loan processor and tried to escalate within the department to get help and got nothing.  I was able to cancel my morgage and I am very thankful that USAA returned my appraisal fee but I believe something is VERY broken in USAA home mortgages.  I am now going to Close my mortgage on the 27th of this month (same as my USAA closing date) with my backuup provider and I got 6/10ths of a percent better rate (3.6 vs 3.0).  I almost lost the deal on the house I was trying to buy because of USAA. For right now GET AWAY if you can or if you are on a tight timeline.  

@lifetime dreamer - highly recommend that check out other banks/credit unions around you - USAA mortgage is a mess - if you get someone good, that's great, but if you don't, you are basically in for a battle.


Good luck