Sad to say but its time to say good bye to USAA.  After this horrible experience  I cant be part of this organization.

My advise to anyone looking for a mortgage, look somewhere else.  

Just to be clear, I have been aproved and in closing as I am typing this message, so its not that i was disapprove.


ITs been bad enought that i will pull out of the contract.


1st -  since starting the process i had ask the loan officer (Mayra) about closing cost, she quote me numbers

2nd - once we got locked in, i ask again the processor about closing cost (Rick) he qoute me a number close to what Mayra had stated.


3rd -  USAA change my down payment with out consulting with me firts.  What was frustrating is that i found out when i was checking up on my documents (on USAA page).  I then call, spoke with another lady and she told me" Opps, your processor should had call you"  REALLYYYYY,,,, then i again ask her about what will be the difference on the closing cost to include down payment and she quote me a number. 


4th -  Trying to get a hold of the processor its been difficult.  to the point that when you get a hold of him he can notice an attitude.


5th -  Now, the closing cost have pretty much double??? How is that????  But it gets better, they want me to pay up front for 15 months of insurance... Really , not only that but they also want 15 months of Taxes.... REALLY.


I spoke with the realtor about and she doesn understand why they are asking for that ammount, she stated that it is usually 3 to 5 months.



I trully caution anyone getting a mortage loan, please read the reviews.  I did and i should had known better.

Good news is that I will be leaving USAA which i have been part for over 20 years and move my business with another, to include all my family.



Good luck... and hope you have a better time than me