We recently sold our house & moved to another state. We had our last mortgage with USAA and they sold it to OCWEN. OCWEN is a HORRIBLE company, actually they are a collection agency! This was a major factor in our not choosing USAA as our new mortgage company. Overall we are very satisfied with USAA, but will never use their mortgage services & no one else should either. I'd like the board of directors to know that OCWEN is a terrible company and they need to stay away from it.
I had to speak with a lot of USAA representatives because of all the problems & ALL of them were familiar with the problems at OCWEN!


Hi Catlover105,


I am sorry to hear of the problems you have been having. I will be sure to pass along your comment to our mortgage team. Someone will be reaching out directly. Thank you.

Have you actually had a problem with Ocwen? We had them for our last home and never had any issues. They gave us the option to do bi monthly ,tri monthly, or quadruple monthly payments at no extra charge! We now have Loan Care and they offer bi monthly payments and charge a fee every month for this.