We have found the mortgage services to be inadequate and will be moving our loan to another bank, because it appears USAA will be unable to progress to closing by the date they selected.
It is hard to contact our mortgage representative. All questions take a minimum of 1 day before we receive a response. The mortgage representative seems incapable, or uninterested in progressing. We have seen no online status updates in over a week.


Same issues here. I went to Citi and they were able to get things done very quickly. It's all done online and you upload (or fax or mail if that's your thing) all your documents there. I have had the same mortgage consultant the whole time and he answers emails in under an hour and I have his direct number. They also matched the rate I was getting from USAA but I didn't have to pay any points....they actually gave me a half point back to help with closing costs (which were also lower).

Until USAA gets their stuff together and gets into the right century there are way better options out there.

Dear CMV,

I am so sorry to hear about the issues you have encountered with our mortgage department. I have escalated your comments and a mortgage specialist will be in touch to ensure we start to meet your expectations and that things are in order for a timely closure. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

I had an issue with closing as well, my contract stated the correct date but when I was entering that information into USAAs web doc the system made me go three days out.  It was explained to me not to worry and that it was automatically done like that incase the appraisal took long, which it did not.  Fast forward towards closing date and USAA would not budge on the closing date, in spite of the contract.  My relator saved the day by forwarding an e-mail from one of the processors who stated that they would be able to close on the correct date.  Everyone complains that it is very difficult to get a hold of the processors on the phone but I personally like getting all my contact via e-mails because it holds everyone accountable. 


Is everything going well with your closing now? I am sorry for the confusion you encountered previously, I want to make sure everything is set for you now. Thank you

Hi Briana,


Yes everything is closed and went well.  Just a few hiccups and a lot of resistance when it came to changing the closing date, but like I said, fortunately we had an e-mail from one of the reps and that held them accountable. 

Since timing between getting out of my home and into the new one I buy will be a non negotiable issue........I can't use USAA if they can't be counted on. Too bad since due to my late husbands association with USAA we as a family have almost 50 years as USAA members. I am in the banking industry, looks like I will stick with them for this service.


I would like to get  a mortgage specialist in contact to assuage your concerns about USAA's mortgage department. We look forward to speaking with you. Thanks for posting here in the community!

I have always been impressed with USAA's services...UNTIL I tried to get a home loan with them.  Their automated phone system is HORRIBLE.  Once you apply, you get an extension for a Mortgage Specialist which you can never get a hold of and which takes 24 hrs to call you back, and then they call you at times you have repeatedly specified that you are not available. 


After suffering through all of that, I now am unable to upload ANY documents through their "convenient" online portal.  Every time I try (on two different computers with two different browsers), it just sits there spinning, waiting....


This is ridiculous and absolutely unacceptable.  By now, being this far into the process, I should have an EMAIL ADDRESS for my loan processor.  On Monday, I will be calling a different bank.  If USAA still wants my business they better come up with something REALLY good to make amends...





Dear Sevristh,

Thank you for taking the time to post. I have removed your personal contact information in order to keep your personal data safe, but have escalated your concerns and comments to a mortgagee specialist who will be reaching out to you personally. Thank you