Does anybody know how to actually talk to somebody in the voice of the member?  I am a 25 year member and we are having tremendous difficulties talking to somebody.


It does seem as if being a member of USAA doesn't matter much anymore.  I have been with USAA for over 25 years and the service as steadily declined over the past several years, particulary in banking services side.  I tried getting a home equity loan last year and the process through USAA was horrible - I ended up going to a local credit union and was immediately helped, treated as if I was valued even though I had only been with them for 4 years, and given a loan in less than a week.  USAA couldn't (or wouldn't) help me with my needs after 25 years of loyal membership.  I am currently using them to apply for a mortgage (my fourth), but have had significant issues with their transition to the new system and my asssigned processor changing.  Things appear to be working now, but I will have reserve judgement until I see how this process ends.  I must say, I was very close to abandoning USAA and going to my local credit union for a mortgage loan.  Pretty sad after so many years of loyal membership, but I just feel like USAA has forgotten who they are supposed to be supporting and they have forgotten what customer service truly means.

Ok, after a very lengthy and complicated process, I feel the need to update my post on USAA customer service.  I did struggle early on with this process in April when USAA was going through a system change and I couldn't seem to talk to someone about my loan and the contract that I had just signed.  Well, when I finally did get in touch with the correct person, things began to change.  My loan processor Jorge Martinez was fabulous and patient.  Everything was working and was on track and then we discovered that the seller was in a bankruptcy that he failed to disclose - this brought the process to a complete halt, as he could not convey title until his bankruptcy was closed.  He had no idea when it would close, so we kept extending the closing date.  This obviously created problems with the loan lock and reaching the deadline.  Jorge was able to extend the lock 2 times (with small penalties that the seller would pay), but we never seemed to get to the point where we could actually close.  After some time, it appears that Jorge left USAA and I was introduced to Lisa Ramirez.  She took over the role and continued to deal with the challenge.  Just when I thought I would have to cancel the loan (with a really good rate) and reapply, Lisa and her supervisor Lisa Gunderson were able to extend the loan for another 30 days (cost me a point, but again, I had the seller pay this penalty).  I am absolutely amazed and pleased that USAA was able to do this, carrying my loan lock for over 130 days!!  We just closed today and will hopefully have the keys tomorrow.  This process started out rough with USAA, but the loan processing team, including Jennifer Henry has earned back my respect and trust in the USAA process.  Their patience with me through this difficult situation created by the seller and their continued efforts to help me close were extraordinary.  I have had some bad experiences with USAA customer service in the past few years, but this experience has renewed my hope that USAA is back on track, supporting those that have served and providing an exceptional level of customer service.  I hope this is not a rare occasion and that I can go back to shouting the praised for USAA!  My tough situation was made much better by USAA's efforts to help me.  Thank you Jorge, Lisa R, Lisa G, and Jennifer!



Thank you so much for keeping us updated on your outcome. I am pleased to hear that the situation was resolved to your satisfaction. I will be sure to pass along this feedback to our mortgage department. Thank you again and have a great weekend!

Dear be161362,

I have escalated your comment and we will be reaching out to your shortly .Thank you for taking the time to comment here in the community.