Mortgage process is horrendous - go somewhere else!

I desperately need help from USAA and have no clue where to go. My loan processor repeatedly asks for the same info and is now starting the dreaded "extension requests". I can't get a straight answer from her and I'm terrified of ending up homeless at the end of the month as I've told my landlord I'm moving out. Can anyone help me close on time? I've bent over backwards on my end, why can't my bank do the same?



I have escalated your situation and you should hear from someone shortly to ensure we do everything we can to help you close on time!


One thing after another - just when I thought we'd make it to closing on time USAA has now added 'new' rules that no one else has heard of! My title company is confused, my real estate agent is confused and I don't know who to deal with at USAA to get this situation resolved. I don't understand why my bank has turned into the enemy during this process, but it's really unnecessary.


Please email us here at [expired email] and include your contact information so we can make sure a specialist in in contact with you as soon as possible to make sure there is no confusion with your title company. Thank you.


USAA bank is corrupt. Plain and simple. Cover up after cover up. Lie after lie.