To make this as short as possible, STAY AWAY from USAA for your mortgage needs. This process was the worst experience of my life. 4 delays in closing, all because of the incompetence of USAA personnel. These delays cost me $4000.00 in penalties and USAA refuses to reimburse me. I was lied to on numerous occasions and was told on several occasions that " you can get your money somewhere else. I'm not on commission, I don't care". 70 days to close. My complaints and concerns go nowhere with these people. My advise, go directly to US Bank, they are going to by the note anyway.


Dear M W Hayden,

I can assure you your complaint and comments here are not going to go unnoticed. We appreciate the time you took to post your experience and would appreciate the opportunity to review your situation. Thank you for posting.

Over a year now since I posted this and still  no one from USAA has contacted me.


M W Hayden, Our records reflect that we spoke with you about this concern on October 26, 2015. I will ask the team that you spoke with to reach out to you again. ~Darcy