Long time member with great service for credit cards and insurance. Applying for a mortgage awful experience. No timely response, incorrect financial info, and just before our contingency expires they lower the hammer and say..oops! No go for you, leaving us on the sidewalk with no place to go. Too bad for you..oh well.
Someone posted that the Mortgage Director intervened and helped a little. Would love his contact info if possible. Stressful beyond words! Horrible experience.


Consider yourself lucky. Their servicing of Home Loans is an even worse nightmare. I have been fighting them for 10 months now and they have stolen thousands of dollars from me by applying my payments to interest and not principal. They will not budge even though their mistakes would be obvious to a ten year old child. I was going to file a complaint with Federal Consumer Complaint Department. However, I live in Georgia and a banker recently told me the State agency here is much more aggresive and can get disputes resolved in a much timelier fashion.

Here's an example of USAA's mistake with my loan. Georgia state law requires two witnesses at a closing. In my case there was only their signing agent and myself, and no one else. The agent told me not to worry about it because the public Notary was a friend of his. So my entire loan is null and void from the very begining!



I am very sorry to hear about your experience with the mortgage department. I would like to get a mortgage specialist in contact with you to see what can be done about your situation. A specialist should be in contact with you shortly. Thank you.