I have been a USAA member since 1987. Most of my insurance and banking had been with USAA. Several years ago I sought to refi my home. I had some unresolved issues with USAA's process after my application was unexpectedly denied. Every time I contacted them for any service, they continually asked me to refi with them. I had already gone with another company whose process was quick and easy. Now, I am relocating and buying a new home. I decided to give USAA another try. The other day I had the worst experience with a USAA loan originator. The man was abusive and threatening. Rather than taking the info on my purchase, he tried to intimidate me, acting as if he was a police detective and I was a criminal. He repeatedly asked me the same questions over and over, then tried to tell me my responses were inconsistent. He then threatened to send someone to my home to see if I was actually living there. After 45 minutes, I told him I would have to call back later, which I did, and spoke to another person who took my info without being abusive. I then tried to report the incident, but was first transferred to someone in property insurance, and then to another loan originator. The entire incident has been very disturbing. I thought it might be an isolated incident until I began reading all the issues other members have been having. I am in disbelief.


I had very similar problems with an insurance claim. Downright the worst interaction I've ever had.. With any company.. I also had issues with car insurance and home mortgage too though. I won't be calling usaa when it comes to my next home purchase.
I have / had the same type of experience with vehicle loans. After 14 years of being a client with them I still have not been successful in using them to finance anything at all.
It's really troubling to hear of your experiences. This was such a great company. I had just referred my son as a member when he came out of the service. What happened to them in the past few years?