Mortgage payment

Twice in 10 days USAA screwed things up! First took 4 days to get a car loan for me and son (both members) both of us have savings and a good credit and credit to debit ratio. We had to go with capital one to get the loan (10 minutes) better rate too! Then mortgage payment lost, yup to Nationstar, not sent electroniclly, mailed. HUH! Its a joint service and these two companies. So I get a less than quailified person from Usaa to tell me that any late fees, they are on my dime they won't pay them. What! I ask him to leave the call since he was not helping, and for me to talk to Nationstar who was on the line waiting. He puts me on hold with her and we can't hear each other because of the on Hold music (thank you). So now I have Nationstar deduct the money out first of month. But get this, Ussa guy says that they would wave the service fee for canceling the check. My money is going elsewhere!!! I am going to slowly transfer money and change checking and savings account to some other institution. Had already stopped using their credit cards, savings is going this week ($$k) and checking soon ($$k) if enough people send their money elsewhere then maybe customer service will come back, (doubt It).

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bummed - This is never the kind of experience we want for you or any member. I understand the seriousness of the situation. I have located your information and will engage a specialist to review the details. Thank you for speaking up today. - Jason