I'm very disappointed with the services I recently "received" (really....did not receive) while trying to get a home mortgage. I went through the whole process of getting document after document, proof of this, and proof and of that. Then a week before closing my loan processor (Veronica XXXXX) calls me and tells me that they are not going to give me the loan because I don't have "guaranteed income". Who the heck has "guaranteed income"? I was told that since I don't get paid by salary or hourly I don't have "guaranteed income" according to the underwriter.


I'm a local truck driver that gets paid by the load. I work 10-14 hours a day 5 days of the week. They have my required last two paystubs. So, I don't understand how they can not see that I'm bringing in more than $4,000 a month!! My creditscore is over 800. I have a USAA issued credit card with a limit of $12,000 that I've always paid on time since I got it over 15 years ago. I've been a USAA customer for almost 17 years now.  But I guess none of that matters to the Mortgage department! Now I'm about to lose the home I was trying to get because the seller is going to put it back on the market even though I'm in the process of securing financing with a different company that doesn't discriminate against truck drivers that are not paid by the hour!!


I've figured out that USAA has no problem taking my money for insurance payment, credit card payment, various fees, etc. However, if you need to borrow money from them, GOOD LUCK getting them to give you money!!  I'm so upset with the situation that I'm seriously thinking about taking all my monies to a different bank, to include my checking, saving, and all my retirement accounts. Also plan on switching to a different insurance provider for my auto and renter's insurance.  This whole mortgage process has left a horrible impression of what I thought USAA was all about.....Taking care of their veteran members!


Hence the need to advertise on TV so much. They need a lot of people to make up for those pulling all their accounts and insurance.

I used USAA in the past for mortgages - won't do that again. The stories are distressing. On a time sensitive issue if you have to get information to them in a timely fashion, they should be required to do the same.

Hopefully your local bank/mortgage company will make things right.

Dear GermanRican,

First, thank you for posting and for your 17 year membership. I have sent your comments and experience to a member service specialist for further research and consideration. The specialist will be reaching out to you personally to discuss your mortgage application and experience thus far.

Thank you