Why is it so hard to talk to the person doing my mortgage. They say they will call me the next day and they never do. I just need information as we go as this is my first house I am buying and I feel like I am being ignored. Any help on this issue would be great to have. Thanks


Having a similar issue which is unlike the other two times we have gone through mortgage with usaa. Very frustrating and unlike the company. Looking at navy federal now since usaa not meeting our contract deadlines.

Dear MElissaSR,

I am so sorry that you are not experiencing the service form the mortgage department that you need. We will be in touch shortly to make sure we do everything we can to meet your contract deadlines. Thank you.

We are close tomorrow and I honestly wish I'd gone with NFCU. We're overseas and coming home. The whole process with USAA has been a nightmare. Every other department is excellent but the mortgage department lets them down. On top of that, they sell their mortgages to a third party. We have been with USAA for 27 years and this is the only time with been unhappy. This isn't our first mortgage but our first (and last) with USAA. Conversations with managers haven't helped either. I could go on and on with the details but it's really boring. Change now, if it's not too late.


I cannot apologize enough for the difficulties you are experiencing with your mortgage department. I cannot imagine coordinating from over seas. I have escalated your situation and a specialist should be reaching out to ensure everything for your closure tomorrow is in order. Thank you.

Dear Texas Man,

Thank you for reaching out here. We will ensure you are contacted by your mortgage specialist and that all of your questions get answered. Congratulations on your first home buying experience, it is exciting and nerve wracking time and you should have all of the support you need. Please keep me posted and let me know if you need anything. Thank you.