Nothing like USAA dropping the ball less then 30 hours prior to closing. Tomorrow is a holiday (Happy 4th). Then the weekend. Supposed to close on Tuesday. Thank you for making this a nightmare of a process and stressing me out to the max. Do not use this company they suck!


How this company can nonchalantly screw with people's lives and not care is beyond me. Your entire mortgage department sucks! You have made this process intolerable. The only consistent thing you have done is repeatedly dropped the ball and stressed me to the max.

Sorry to hear they have dropped the ball on you. They were good with my re-finance process pretty much a  flawless transaction. My initial purchase process was longer than I would have liked but that was tied to the mortgage benefits the goverment put in place that made processing take longer.


Best of luck.




We would like to make sure you get the assistance you need to ensure your closure happens on time. I have responded to you here, but in case you don't see that, please email us at with your member number and the best way we can contact you so we can get a mortgage specialist to look at your closure right away. Thank you.

Not long ago USAA paid another members mortgage from my checking... Took ME two weeks to fix their problem. My latest mortgage--- Navy Fed!

Hi TB97,


I have responded to your initial post here.