Mortgage department is an embarrassment to USAA

I echo the numerous complaints by other USAA members concerning the mortgage operation. These folks are not ready for prime time, and they are certainly not up to the high standards I've come to expect as a 44-year USAA member. They provide inaccurate information, don't return phone calls, don't read emails, ignore requests, and send poorly organized applications packets with incorrect instructions. My loan processor was impertinent and snippy. She acted like it was an imposition to talk with me. She's like the bus driver who says, "How can I keep my bus on schedule if  have to keep stopping to pick up these stupid people." It's obvious from this discussion board that my complaints are mild compared to others. It's also obvious that USAA has known about these problems for a long time but can't or won't do anything about them. They should either fire the mortgage management team or get out of the mortgage business. Note to the Community Manager -- I have separately sent my concerns to senior USAA executives, so don't bother responding. I've read your replies, and they're mostly meaningless platitudes. As we say in Tennessee, "My cow died." That's the polite way of saying, "I don't need your bull."


USAA mortgage dept is awful! Over a year ago I applied for a 30 year VA mortgage and was denied. My realtor put me in touch with a mortgage lender she often refers clients to. I was immediately preapproved and closed within 30 days! I even received a 30 year fixed rate of 3.25%!! But for some reason I wasn't up to USAA's high standards. They're loss.

Dear Member,


I can assure you we do care about each of our members here in the community. This is a place we want all members to feel comfortable throughout discussions or venting if needed. I have sent your comments and concerns over to our mortgage team. You are under no obligation to respond, just know that we would like to try and help if possible. Thank you for posting in the community, we value your participation here.

As I said, "meaningless platitudes."