I'm having a bad experience with USAA, traditionally my favorite banking institution, with my mortgage process. Loan agents are difficult to contact, after numerous emails and phone calls my processing agent has never returned my call, I am less than a week from my closing date and USAA is not returning my calls for updates on the approval. I have the seller's team and others notifying me I may lose my earnest money and USAA is not being as supportive as they should be in this situation. I have provided everything they asked for in a timely manner and I need my approval on my loan now. Please help me.


Hi George, thank you for reaching out to us. We have located your loan file and have escalated your concerns to processing leadership. We have requested a follow up be made to you today.

See my post a few minutes ago. I feel your pain George. My wife and I are going through the exact same thing right now.