Here we go again!!  Two years ago we purchased our home using USAA to secure VA financing.  After a rocky start, we were switched to an awesome processor that had us closed on time.


Now we want to do a cash-out refi and they have continually dropped the ball.  Emails and voicemail went unreturned, weeks went by with no progress on their end and now today, and 1 1/2 hours before the scheduled closing the underwriter is re-writing the VA guidelines and they want me to start the process entire all over with alternative loan types.


I had hoped the mortgage department had improved but apparently it hasn't.  




We regret to hear of your mortgage experience. We realize this matter is important. I have taken this opportunity to share your concerns with a colleague in the mortgage area. They will review your concerns and reach out to discuss the matter with you. We want to get this process back on track for you so we can close your mortgage loan. -Gus

Thank you Gus!  It would be extremely helpful if anyone in the mortgage department would start by answering their phones or replying to email.