Very disappointed in the lack of customer service.  None...really.  First, I emailed a message for someone to call me about a refinance.  Several days later (30 Dec), a very nice young man called and asked if it was a good time to discuss the matter.  I replied no (holidays, etc.), but could he called me back on 2 Jan to 1000?  He said that could be done.  I rearranged my schedule to be available by the phone at that time.  Some time after 1000, an operator called to ask if I still wanted to talk to someone about refinance.  I said I had a reservation from a previous call.  She promptly put me in the regular phone queue.  I gave up after 15+ minutes.  Since 2 Jan, I have phoned several times to speak to someone without success having to hang-up in frustration.  Today, I finally got through after another delay, but then had to be transfered to another department for jumbo loans with another delay.  Oh, yea, there is no record of any of my previous interactions.  So, to end the pitiful tale and suffer the final indignity, my latest conversation disconnects and terminates in mid-process for some reason.  I do not expect a call back from anyone at USAA to follow-up.  With a tradition and reputation of great service, this adventure has been very sad indeed.


Dear Binche57,

I am so sorry for the lack of communication and return of phone calls. It is not the service you deserve or how we want your experience with our mortgage department to be. We would like to get you in contact with a specialist who can address your concerns. Please email us with your member number and the details you provided above at We look forward to hearing from you.