I am not married but in a long term relationship with a Veterinarian.  He understood my dream to one day own a home in my name and finally the time came when this dream was possible.  This is why -- he owns his veterinary clinic-- it suffered a financially crisis in 2008 -- so I maintained my employment as a Mathematics Instructor at the local college and worked for him from 2009 to 2013 for no pay - He had to let his administrator go so I came on board.  


Finally in 2013 he/the business could pay a me a nominal wage; therefore, I no longer had to maintain outside employment while working for him.  


Finally, in 2016 he/the business began generating the revenues to pay me an administrators wage---SWEEEEET!  

I thought.  So of course that meant I could acquire my dream of owning my 1st home..  


I apply with USAA --and they deny me a home loan for $253,000.00-----I sat down and cried in disbelief---the last verbal communication was they will look at it again.  Maybe they will change their minds...but basically the loan is denied....All that hard work to be financially in a position to afford a home means absolutely nothing.


HMMMMM...I am confused---I did everything the right way and still it does not matter..    SAAAAAAD!!!


Why am I still crying.. Because I worked my tail off helping my partner with his dream - a Veterinary Hospital 10,000 sqft full service small and large animal care facility with 6 Veterinarians and 26 support staff.  The business is now so financially stable that just 2 weeks ago I made a charitable contribution to an employee -- She was going to loose her house.  So, I wired funds from the business account to her mortgage company so she would not loose her home...She was so happy to keep her dream -- It was as wonderful day for the business, it was a day the business could be a financial blessing to an employee after a long hard economic crash.


Then ironically, today I am told my loan will be denied because of my income ----Yep, I worked deligently at the business for 5 years with no wage, then 3 years for a nominal wage, and finally the business has recovered from the crash and can now pay me an administrator wage of $90,000.00 per year wonderful I thought but nope not to the lender - based upon what I am told  -- I am confused.


I am a good person and I will continue to do what is right for employees and fellow veterans.  But, the irony just makes me cry.  What is worse, is in the conversation it was almost like they took joy in denying me the loan-- maybe that is just my perception -- but I did not hear I am sorry this is not going to work out -- It was cold and I have not received a letter with a clear reason -- this was just a verbal communication -- So I am still confused and crying.

Yep, I am still crying I put so much work into my partners dream and now it was time for my dream.  He came to me and said he loved me and he was sorry to see me so upset.  Then he said they are not denying you because of your income, they are denying you because of this relationship.  I say if you are denying me because of the relationship then put that in writing...otherwise they have no reason to deny me.



We realize this matter is important to you. USAA takes the financial security of our members very seriously. We aim to assist our members in achieving their dreams.


We are unable to discuss loan application details or loan decisions in a public forum. Many factors are considered when reviewing an application for a mortgage loan. A letter will be sent to you to address your loan decision. If you would like to discuss your application further, please contact a mortgage specialist at 210-531-USAA (8722). We are unable to discuss details of your loan application in the Community. -Gus