I'll never use USAA banking for a mortgage now. My husband and I have decided to buy a home. We have done loads of research and we are finally closer to taking the first step. One of the first steps is trying to get a home is to get pre-qualifiied to get an idea of what a lender will loan you without doing an actual hard pull on your credit. Some creditors will do a soft credit pull but that shouldn't hurt your score. We proceeded to do the online prequal with USAA and the next day I get an alert that my credit report has had a hard inquiry. I call USAA and they tell me that now a prequal and preapproval are the same and they are allowed to do a hard pull. Well honestly, they shouldn't have been so deceptive and called their service a prequalification. If they had called their service a preapproval we would have never done it!  Now my husband and I are scrambling to get all our duckies in a row before our 747 and 809 credit scores take a hit. With that being said, I will absoluely not use them for a mortgage because if they will be shady during this part of the process, I can't imagine how shady they can be on the bank end of a mortgage deal. I've been banking with them for 10 years and now I may completely stop using them all together. Deception doesn't keep good loyal customers USAA! 




We regret to hear of your experience. Your comments have been shared with a colleague who will research this matter and reach to discuss with you. We appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns. Thank you. -Gus

They financially destroyed us a 45 day close turned into a 72 day close we were told we were going to have to pay for a rate extension for $700 because they didn't know that VA appraisals took two months
I was within 24 hours of being homeless because of the poor mortgage process of USAA !! Plus your loan will be sold if to nationstar an F rated company within months of closing ! Stay away from USAA!!!!!

Good to know. I'm not even considering them now. Even after I received a courtesy call today which I wish they hadn't even called me because now I even more angry. After we buy our house, I'll be finding someone else to bank with. And I'll make sure to tell all my military friends about my ordeal. But if you look at all the complaints, they may already have an idea about the S*** show USAA is now running. Very very disappointed. 



We regret to hear of your experience. This is not the type of service we expect for our members. Your comments have been documented for review. -Gus