We have been pre-qualified for a home loan with USAA until 11/12/2014,  I have a couple of questions.  First of all the pre-qualification is for one county in Florida..  We are looking at other places in Central and Western Florida simply because we just haven't found "THAT SPECIAL PLACE" but are gettting close.  So how does the pre-qualification work if we should stay within Florida but in another County?


Also our current home is on the market and will eventually sell.  But we're thinking we just want to go ahead and take out a loan for no more than 6mo-1 year and get on with our life.  What would that cost us as opposed to waiting and paying cash for a new home?  Such as fees and early payout penalty?


We sure would like a financial planner to help us figure all this out.


Thanks Barbara




Hi Grammy Mattingly,


Thank you for posting in the community!



Your prequalification is specific to the loan amount, so changing counties will not be a factor.


You will need to talk to a Loan specialist (1-800-531-8722 ) for detailed fee information, but we do not have prepayment penalties on any of our mortgage loan products.


One of our excellent financial planners would be thrilled to help you! You can learn more about them by contacting our team of Financial Advisors at 800-771-9960. You can also check out Ask USAA, where a team of our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioners answer questions from members.



Please let us know if you need anything else and best of luck finding your dream home in Florida!