I have to say I've been seriously disappointed with the service from USAA in my efforts to purchase a home. It started with Movers Advantange. I went through two realtors who had no interest in being proactive about helping me. The first one couldn't remember who I was. The second one put me in her system and thought her job was done. I eventually found my own realtor. I then found a place and started the loan process. I've had to chase USAA for information. My application is quite simple. It's a relatively small loan amount. My assets are basic. In my mind, I've been put at the bottom of the pile. I've told USAA this and nothing has changed. I now have 2 days before my deal falls through. I'm potentially out thousands of dollars. USAA is aware of this and has done nothing to assuage my concerns.  It's been made abundantly clear that I am not a priority. Don't tell me how busy you are. If you can't handle your workload, you need to tell your boss. If there was any way I could have gone to another bank I would have. I've been a member of USAA for many years and utilize many of their services. I've never had these difficulties. It's unfortunate that a time which should be exciting has been made dreadful.