Good afternoon!


I'm wondering how hard it is to get approved for a home loan through USAA.


I would really love to get a mortgage through USAA, but I'm worried that my credit score isn't going to be sufficient.

I've been working very hard to pay all my debts off and I'm down to only $1,075 left on credit cards.


My credit score hasn't reflected these changes yet....does USAA require a particular minimum score to be approved for a mortgage?


Thank you!


Hi schild22,


I have passed along your question to our mortgage team, and they will be reaching out to further assist. Thank you.

Save yourself the horrible mess they will put you through. Just read all the stories about the horrible treatment so many of us have gone through. The stories are all over the community pages and internet. Go with Quicken Loans....they are the best. We got refinanced with cash out in 2 weeks. It was painless and easy. No stress. Their communication is unbelievably great! Very professional! They keep you in the loop constantly. They answer their phones and call you back immediately. They tell you the jerking you around. They LOVE working with military families.


Just know, that because of strict government guidelines, you still have to qualify. They will explain all that.

Get the monthly credit monitor and keep checking your score until it's at least over 640. That's about the minimum. Keep in mind that other factors will be at play when determining whether a mortgage will be approved.

Do not use USAA, I've been dealing with them on a VA mortgage since October 16th. It has been a nightmare to say the least. On top of it, the whole deal will most likely fall apart on Tuesday because they dragged their feet and let certain expirations take effect - which will kill the deal and leave myself and the sellers out in the cold. I've wasted money on inspections, attorney fees, had countless sleepless nights, and have been given the runaround on numerous documents - all of which I have submitted on time, multiple times. I don't care about myself, but my kids will be heartbroken when they find out.

Dear Pax76,

We will have a mortgage specialist review your situation on Monday. They will be reaching out to you personally. Thank you.