Mortgage Loan Officer - Unresponsive! Going with another lender

- First Issue: When I applied for a pre-qualification, the online tool denied me. I get a letter in the mail and said I was denied because I wouldn't have enough money for closing. Which is funny, because the lender I am working with now, quoted me UNDER what I provided in my application. I understand that calculators and apps can't be all inclusive or too arduous or no one would fill them out. But working with veterans, one would assume they would account for options for disability & funding fees. Then there is the matter of closing help, not even a consideration. Its standard practice to ask for closing costs these days. Called back, updated all this with a human and it went thru. Happy! So I thought.


--Second Issue: That human that helped me was supposed to be my contact in getting my loan serviced. I needed answers for closing estimates based on housing prices - no word. I also need help with VA requirements and restrictions. No Out of Office response, nothing. Its been since May 26th - still no answer.


--Bye USAA. I had read horror stories about USAA home loan process. But I thought I would be different. If I wanted to close within 30 days, as quoted by my rep, wouldn't she have to be available? I have gone with a different lender, one that wants my business. 






I appreciate you reaching out in the Community. This is not the level of service we expect for our members. I realize the mortgage process can be a stressful one. However, it is never our intent to add more to stress to our members during this time. I have shared your comments with a colleague in the mortgage area for review and response. They will reach out to review and address your experience. Thank you. -Gus