After 10 years of loyality to USAA, I am highly disappointed with the entire process of how the USAA Mortgage Team conducts their business relations with their customers. Patrica ****** and Angela ****** have no business representing USAA as mortgage loan processors. It is highly unprofessional to always have an excuse as to why their abilty to respond in a timing mannor.  They DON"T RETURN PHONE CALLS, NEVER ANSWER THE PHONE, AWAY FROM THEIR DESK ON LUNCH and then when the finally get back with you, the response is,  "I have an mergency closing Im dealing with right now", "I'm busy doing this, doing that" and making it a point to make myself feel unimportant. Not only were these two individuals very unprofessional at any point of contact during the mortgage loan process, they have completely abused their authority at the cost of the customer. These two individuals have shown NO COMPASSION, NO INTEGERITY, NO RESPECT and I think it's time for someone to do something about it before USAA loses any more customers.  This little complaint here, is a very small token to what is unfolding at this moment in time. Thank God, Calls are recorded and emails can be tracked!


Moderator Note: Employee's last names were removed for security purposes.


For the Future, I'm sorry to hear of the disappointing experience you've had with our mortgage team. Going through the mortgage process can already be stressful, and we definitely don't intend to make it anymore stressful for you. Your concerns are important, and we want to have a business specialist review this feedback further. I am engaging the appropriate area to follow-up with you to discuss these concerns. Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us. -Meredith

I cannot wait to hear back! Thank You for the apology, I just hope it's sincere...



USAA’s Motto is Service, Loyalty, and Integrity. . .”responsive to our members needs, listen and show empathy” “clear in our communications” and “stand by our word and commitments.....

For the Future,

We realize this matter is important to you. Your additional feedback has been sent to our colleagues in the mortgage area for review. They will reach back out to discuss your concerns and answer any questions you may have. We look forward to resolving this matter to your satisfaction. -Gus

Dear Gus,
This has got to be an automated message to shut USAA customers up. My conerns and questions are not being answered. After a pre-approval of 325,000, my family and I had drove multiply times 160 miles aways to house hunt prior to application and after application. We were told multiply times by multiply people we were good to go. Found our DREAM HOME as a FIRST TIME BUYER, PAID the local title company our EARNEST, communicated it with USAA, PAID for our housing inspection, scheduled for the VA apprasior who is set to go our their the 7th of April. Still being told we are good to go.Uploaded more than what was ever requested by the mortgage team. Always says, your good to go.  I am deploying to IRAQ APRIL 23, our closing is April 28th. We have moved 3/4 of our household goods to a storage near the location of where our new home is to be. I opened my USAA account yesterday only to discover my mortgage loan and all my documents had been deleted from my account.
Of course nobody calls you and if you call them, good luck getting a response and if you do, it's like talking to mirror. To then be told they will have answer by the END OF BUSINESS as to what's going on. Literally EOB. Actually after EOB they tell you it was disqualified due to income. One form of income cannot be counted because of a WORD. What questions that aren't being answered, WHY was I not informed about this prior to my pre-approval, before or even after I paid $500 to an EARNEST or the $800 I paid for an inspection two weeks before hand. To the point where all I was told that was left to do was the VA apprasial? CLEAR COMMUNICATION? NO!   EMPATHY? NO!
The only feed back I get is someone will be in contact with you shortly, they are looking into it. That's it! GUS, if your so concerned my is 907-231-1067 have whom ever you forward my complaint to give me a CALL directly! I need to know if I need to tell my wife her dream home isn't happening or if I can rely on USAA to fullfill their commitment and figure out WHAT WORD in my income documention is  that needs to be address at higher level of compitence.

For the Future, I recognize the seriousness of this matter. Your prior concerns, as well as your most recent feedback, have been escalated for review. A point of contact in the bank has been assigned to this matter and is reviewing your situation. Your point of contact will reach out to address your concerns and answer your question. We appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns. -Gus

I am so sorry that I have had to blast all my personal business with USAA for the world to see and feel now there is hope for these issues to be resolved. No matter what the outcome, I believe my messages, because of my persistant's, finally is being delivered to the right hands. Gus, thank you, thank you... I think my blood is circulating through my body again!

I am very dissappointed in USAA too. The staff are cold and indifferent. I would not recommend anyone to take a mortgage with them. I am in the process of getting a mortgage but I so regret my decision to choose USAA. They attached unreasonable conditions for an "as is house" making it almost impossible to get the loan approved. 

margee - We're sorry to hear this. This is never the kind of experience we want you to have. We'd be happy to address any concerns. What would be a good time for someone to contact you? Please know your negative experience is certainly not what we wanted to happen. - Tricia