I am hoping to get some answers here. 


My wife and I am attempting to apply for loan pre-approval.  The system, however, will not allow me to add my wife (she is greyed out) to proceed with the application.  Attempting to contact USAA to fix has, and I kid you not, a 4 hour and 25 minute wait time in which we are expected to 'remain on the line'.  


That is absurd. 


On top of this, I need to update my wife's information and that too is problematic.  


Not too mention, methods of contacting USAA seem to have dried up.  I can no longer message USAA, the chat service is non-functional, and ... 4 1/2 wait for a phone call?  Automation is fine, but having automated systems and processes that do not work while making it impossible to contact anyone for assistance is just dumb.  


I would certainly appreciate some assistance.   


Hello Gree0232. We are thrilled to be serving so many of our members during such an important process. We would love the opportunity to serve you and apologize for the longer than normal hold times. You will need to speak with a Loan Officer, and although this call volume is highly unusual, our Loan Officers are in office, and hold times regularly shorter, during the weekend. You can also try using a direct extension to the team. When you call, hit # and enter 78141. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience. We greatly appreciate your time and patience. Thank you.

Sir or Ma'am:

I undersand that volume is a bit high at the moment.  However, we have been unable to finish the application process for a mortage pre-approval for over a week now.  The loan officer has all the required information.  The application is directing us to complete the application for a specific property ... and will not allow us to go further. 


We are looking for a pre-approval so we can move into looking for a house in a highlu competitive environment - and make offers quickly.  We are still stuck.  


Any assistance would be appreciated. 

Don’t use USAA auto payment for your future mortgage payment either. Literally the only bill we still pay manually. Tried to simplify things a few years ago and ended up making a double payment. Tried to simplify things for my wife a few weeks ago because I’m deployed. Set up auto pay for my mortgage again....check was late again.....forced to pay lender over the phone to avoid a late payment again.....first USAA rep told my wife that it was an ACH payment and it was to late to stop payment....it wasn’t, it was a check....so she stopped payment.....just to be informed by the lender that we would now be charged an insufficient funds fee if the check didn’t go through.....long story short. Don’t use it. Pay it manually every time. My fault for trying again.

I had the SAME problem when I started my app a few weeks ago. I was told it was a "glitch" in the system. It's a symptom of a much deeper problem - RUN AWAY or at least start working on a second application with another provider. I almost lost the home I am trying to buy to another buyer because USAA assigned 4 different adjusters to the house ALL of whom made appointments and then canceled.  My seller was getting furious and thought I had bad credit or something.  

This is ONLY a theory but I don't think the people we are working with on mortgage apps are actual USAA employees. They don't communicate (once you are past the "initial phase") and they are unprofessional.  Make sure you have a backup plan.

@TomInTulsa, thank you for taking the time to share additional details about your negative experience with our mortgage team. This is definitely not what we want for our members. I've responded to your first post and will be sure your second post is also sent to our team for review. Thank you for sharing with us this evening. - Rhonda