So here is an issue that I have with USAA mortgage. I recently spoke with a Mortgage consultant via the online chat program. I asked them about thier guidelines on how long you have to wait after a bankruptcy in order to apply for a VA loan with USAA. I was told that after a Chapter 7 you have to wait 1-2 years and establish excellent credit with no derogitory credit. (great policy) And if you filed a Chapter 13 you have still have to wait the same amount of time but you ALSO MUST have completed all of your payments in your Chapter 13. (okay... ) And you have to get a letter from the Bankruptcy Judge approving the new debt. (interesting.... considering it has to have been DISCHARGED for more than 1-2 years and since its discharged WHY would you need to get the Judges approval). So now I have done my due diligence and located the VA lender Handbook and it clearly states that if you complete all your payments in a Chapter 13 and it discharges that per credit underwriting guideliness that shows that you have reestablished credit. It also says that you can be approved for a VA loan after ou have made 12 payments in your bankruptcy but you must get the Judges approval first. So this leads me to believe that USAA is either incompetent in thier undertanding of the english language or they have a typographical error in thier underwriting guidelines. Because the VA lender handbook only says you need the judges approval if you are STILL IN THE BANKRUPTCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not after it is completed. So USAA would not be a good place to get a mortgage..... Also consider this...... A mortgage on a single family house that CANT MOVE SOMEWHERE and is considered SECURED DEBT is harder to get than a credit card or an auto loan which are considered UNSECURED DEBT. It should be the other way around dont you think from a common sense stand point..... It should be harder to get an auto loan which can be driven somewhere unknown, hidden, or secured from repossesion in your garage or a credit card which has no tangible accountability than it should be to get a mortgage on a house that cant be moved somewhere, cant be hidden or secured from reposession........ Is it just me or do banks make no sense.