Weeks into our buying process, we receive a phone call from a mortgage rep, Andrea, saying we are not qualified for a loan because the house we want to purchase is not registered with the National Flood Insurance program.  Our future house is located in a Non-flood zone.  Andrea xxxxx stated that alhough that is true, it is USAA policy to not approve a loan for a house in a community in a non-flood zone which is Not registered with's National Flood program.  That last sentace made no sense to me. 


We spent nearly a thousand on the inspections, put $5,000 down in earnest and now, after almost a month USAA calls us to say "Sorry, but we cannot process your loan." ?


I have been with USAA for decades, but this fiasco is the final straw!  What kind of second rate company does this to its customer!! 

My husband is scrambling to find another financial instutition to fill our loan request as he is living 3,000 miles away and I am stuck here trying to sell this house. 


I just want to stress one point- DO NOT USE USAA TO MORTGAGE YOUR NEW HOME!


Hi Misguided mom,


This was sent over to a mortgage specialist and they will be responding back to you. Thank you.

No need Ma'am


We have switched our loan to another company.  USAA was too slow to catch this Major error.