I've been with USAA for almost 30 years and have extolled USAA's financial prowess to anyone who would listen. Why then, would I look elsewhere when it came time to purchase a home? I should have done some homework on USAA's Mortgage Department. I got a great rate from a very attentive first contact but now communication has gone dark. I have had to reschedule my Closing Date from Jan 8 to Jan 11 to Jan 13 and now to Jan 15 while we wait for Title Approval. There is no way to know if we can close on Jan 15 as all requests via email or phone from myself or my realtor have gone unanswered and the 'Seller' is getting very impatient. I take no pleasure in writing this review as I have been a satisfied customer for a long time but please do yourself a favor and research all options before choosing your mortgage company.


Dear member,


Thank you for your 30 years of membership. I have escalated your concerns over to our mortgage department and they will be reaching out to you in order to further assist. Thank you.

It appears USAA Mortgage still has not learned from their mistakes as I am in a similiar situation.  I am certain that the problem stems from poor business practices and incompetent employees.