I had a terrible experience when contacting mortgage today to confirm that I was on a draft payment schedule.

The agent answered the phone and ask me the usual questions, however, added an additional one. She asked "what language preference do I prefer"? Our entire conversation and verification had been in English. I refused to answer her question because I felt it not only needless but not appropriate for either of us. She then refused to help me.

I escalated the call to her manager and he too babbled on about the need to indicate my language preference. I refused to answer him and I am disturbed that any USAA based in The United States ask me this seeing as English is our official language. My mortgage documents from you are also in English. I informed this manager that I in fact do speak four different languages but that has nothing to do with the purpose of my call. I asked for further escalation and reported both the manager's demeanor toward me and this appalling question to the escalation department.

USAA is going off the deep end....

Asking one's language preference to an existing member for years, whose father fought in World War II, with two insurance polices, a mortgage, and an auto loan in The United States is the most ignorant question you may ask someone. I find it both unprofessional and in very poor taste. I resent it.