The requirements such as “we need a letter from your employer stating you get paid every two weeks”, even though I provided 3 consecutive bi-weekly paystubs to Vanessa, “we need your father’s bank statements (all pages) for the $1,000 he gave you 2 months ago, and things like Vanessa asking me “why your homeowner insurance quote for the property you are buying is more than the cost of the loan”.  Well, when you buy a home valued at $150,000 that is a foreclosure and you are getting it at a purchase price of $80,000, obviously you are going to insure it for its worth/rebuild value.   And is it usual and customary to require a letter from the buyers of “intent of new home”? Our house is sold and is closing 3 weeks, what do you think our intent is with buying this new home?  These, along with many other issues, bordered on harassment to me.


It would take me days and more pages than I can type to explain how poorly this entire process has been handled, and the toll it has taken on me physically, and the amount of time I have missed from work rushing home to try to get Vanessa more paperwork.  I spoke with a realtor and she said we should contact the Banking Commissioner and file a harassment complaint.


USAA’s Motto is Service, Loyalty, and Integrity. . .”responsive to our members needs, listen and show empathy” “clear in our communications” and “stand by our word and commitments”.  In my 30 years with USAA, I have NEVER had a complaint.  I have probably spoken to USAA more than 150 times in my member years, and every time tell the reps what a joy they are when the conversation ends, and partake in your surveys and have nothing but rave reviews.  THIS mortgage experience with USAA has been a major disappointment and way below what I have come to expect from USAA. 


I know we are not alone in this sentiment.  As I drafted my complaint to the Banking Commissioner, I did an online search of complaints with USAA Mortgage Services, and there are thousands.  And so many of them read just like my experience, almost word for word.  Some of those complaints were very concerning, even from previous USAA employees, about the incompetence of the mortgage department.


I honestly don’t know what the future holds with our relationship with USAA, but I do know where NOT to pursue mortgages in the future.  We are one of many thousands of disappointed and disgusted customers with USAA Mortgage Services.


NBNC mortgage shame,


Thanks for alerting us to your recent experience with USAA in regards to mortgage services. Your feedback is concerning and the last thing we want to do is disappoint our members. We would like an opportunity to address this matter with you. We will engage our team to review this matter and follow up with you as soon as possible. Thank you. - Rhonda

Thank you for your courage and passion.