I am requesting that USAA re-review my mortgage application.  I think some of my income information was not included because from all the research I've done, I should be eligible for the mortgage I got pre-approved for and applied for.  After submitting the documentation and waiting patiently, I was told on the phone that the only way I was eligible was to more than double my 20% downpayment to $55,000+ or wait until October and re-apply.


I have been a USAA member for 22+ years and would really appreciate some additional assistance with my mortgage application. I have compiled a summary of my situation and am uploading it to USAA using the Send Document to USAA feature.   I really don't want to go to another company for my banking and mortgage needs, but if that is the only way to get this resolved, I will have to do it.  I have already met with my local credit unioin, which was a lot easier and faster than what I have experienced thus far with USAA regarding my banking and mortgages needs.


I look forward to hearing from you.



Thanks for reaching out in Community.  We regret to hear the outcome came back different then what you expected.  I have located your information and will have your application re-reviewed.  We will be contacting you so that we can discuss the decision in detail.  

Thank you, I really appreciate it.  Did you look at the information I uploaded today or what was already on file?  The packet I uploaded today is a concise, orderly summary that expands on what is already on file.


Thanks again.


Thank you for following up. I will pass this information to your point of contact and they will let you know if any addition documents are required. 

Hi Celeste,


Hope you had a nice weekend.  Haven't heard anything from my new point of contact.  Can you give me an update on the status of my review request and who I can talk to?




Thank you for following up. I confirmed that we are actively reviewing your information. I will engage your point of contact to reach out to you to address your concerns. Thank you.