Claims nightmare
Posting here because people in the forums seem to actually get their issues worked and looked as calling and trying to speak to managers does not garner a response.

My homeowners claim was denied referencing a document that was not available to me and is marked "usaa confidential." How can you deny a claim for documents you did not provide me? Seems illegal and unethical to me. And then I request a copy of it, and when I read it, my claim should be covered. However, now my messages and attempts to call all go ignored. I cannot talk to anyone about why my claim is denied.

I miss the USAA of old when it was a good company that cared about and supported its members.

Would not recommend USAA to anyone. And if you have a policy with this company, i would suggest canceling it and finding a new company before you have to make a claim.


@claims nightmare Oh no this is not what we like to hear. I have escalated your concerns to a subject matter expert to review. They will be contacting you in the next 1 to 2 business days.

Have you gotten a reply? I posted here for the same reason and do not have high expectations.