I have to say USAA has done it right this time.  MY husband and I had a house in Pinehurst NC and had it on the Market for 9 mo. with one agent from April to Jan. and it had a total of 6 showing and so we said enough and went to USAAs rewards program and was given our Angel Monica Hawk.  THis lady can do anything.  In a two week Pd. she had our house ready to go and on the list for sale.  She went on her honeymoon and even during that time she stayed in touch with us and kept us up to date the whole time.  She had   more showing in the two weeks she had it on the market then our other realator had in 9 mo.

Her first weekend home after her honey moon she had 6 showings and sold the house.  So if you are ever looking for an excellent realestate agent the best is MONICA HAWK  She;ll never let you down and she walks you through every thinga nd keeps you calm and feeling like everything will be just fine.  

USAA needs to be sure and hold on to her she will never disappoint any one and deserves all tens for her surey.


Sincerely Shadow31 




Thank you for sharing your experience with our members in the Community. We are pleased to hear that Monica was important to your success in selling your home. We will be sure to pass along your feedback. Thank you for being a valued USAA member. -Gus

Monica Hawk needs to be the new President of customer service. Common denominator for all the replies from customer service value members but common denominator from all the members being treated like we don't matter. Only one resolution find a financial institution that actually cares for the veterans.