Does USAA do mortgages for mobile homes?




We currently do not offer mortgages for mobile homes. If you have any questions please be sure to give us a call at 1-800-531-USAA (8722), and a subject mater expert would be happy to assist. Thank you for your comment in community!


*Updated 3/19/2018*

(Updated comment based on social servicing reply)


I was just told USAA does not do mobile or manufactured housing loans.


I think they probably do loans if it's a mobile home on land or a permanent foundation. they don't do chattel loans for just the mobile structure though.


Thank you for reaching out. We understand that mobile home loans are important to some of our members. At this time, it is not a focus area for us. We appreciate your interest in expanded USAA products and services. ~Thank you. Celeste.

I learned this first hand after some mis-communication with a USAA loan officer.  We were told if the manufactured home didn't have a VIN, it could qualify for a USAA backed loan.  We were even pre-qualified with the knowlege it would likely be for a manufactured home in late january.  The double wide had a permanent foundation, which should have been a plus.


Today the loan processor clarified that USAA does not make property loans with manufactured homes and the loan was denied.  It was a costly learning experience in time, expenses, and frustrations . . . . but a blessing as more and more problems became evident in the property (and its owner).


I am glad the USAA loan officer apologized, but it concerns me that USAA doesn't offer a loan option for manufactured homes, even if at a slightly higher interest rate.

Dear JamClark,


I regret the experience with your attempt to obtain a loan for a manufactured loan. We understand this is important to our members and will definitely take the suggestion into further consideration as a possible future enhancement. Thanks!

reply from USAA in 2015

"Mija1978,  Yes, we sure do!"


Reply from USAA in 2017


"Sorry we don't."


I have tried to buy a "pre-manufactured home" (mobile home, trailer)--all the same with USAA.


The homes were in great condition, "permanently" placed with concrete foundation--not open or just aluminum siding.


Neither home was in a "trailer park."  The one I have now is a barely used(one owner, then left vacant for 4 years until a bank took it over.)  3 bed, two bath w family room and fireplace, HUGE living room, kitchen, two large bedrooms that a King size would fit in.  Large oval spa in master bath with a shower too.  It can't be moved.  3 decks on an acre of wooded land next to a beautiful lake. Each house has an acre.  Renting is not allowed.


I just needed to replace some plumbing, and repair and paint some holes in the walls (from previous security system installation.)  Bank wanted $35,000 (Brand new was $60,000 in 2008)


USAA REFUSED saying we can't have mortgages or insurance for 'TRAILERS"--Too much risk.


I told them that we are an aging population and need smaller homes.  Our troops can't afford "stick homes"--regularlly built homes that are in the $150K and up range!  I'm a vet and widow of a vet and am 70 years old--and well enough to clear my woods with a chainsaw, built a new deck in back, repalced all sinks with porcelain sinks in baths and double stell sink in kitchen. Bought all new appliances--fridge, stove, and hot water heater.  Put in all new water access lines throughout the place.


NO!  It's too much of a "risk" for us.  AND we don't do mortgages for under $50K as "We can't make money on such a loan."


Thank you vets for your service! (sarcasm)


So I bought this place with cash--90% of my remaining retirement fund and got insurance from Foremost (Farmers) as referred by USAA.  I needed a home as I have a service dog and most plaaces don't rent to owners wiith pets.  (Yes I know that service animals are NOT pets according to the Dept of Justice and the Amercans with Disabilities Act of 1990.


USAA didn't care.



I appreciate you taking the time to reach out in the Community. You are correct, USAA does not offer financing on mobile homes. This is an option that USAA has chosen not to pursue at this time. While we realize that some members would like this as an available option, we also do not have the staff currently trained to offer mortgage financing on "mobile" homes. I can certainly share your feedback and request to offer these services to our members. Your feedback will be reviewed for consideration of future product and service enhancements. Thank you for sharing your experience with our members. ~Gus

Angela Caben,


I don't know why you are telling people that you loan on manufactured homes when I was just informed by a representative that USAA does not, repeat DOES NOT loan on manufactured homes.  You might want to get your ducks in a row before giving out erroneous information.  


I'm extremely disappointed in USAA and will be looking to move my current homeowners insurance and car insurance to the company that I choose that does do Manufactured home financing.  I own the land that I'm placing our new M/F home on and will be putting 40% down yet USAA doesn't want my business.  The mortgage industry needs to catch up with the market and understand that M/F homes are built just as well and sometimes better than site built homes. This isn't 1976 anymore.  

See you around, USAA