i was suppose to close on July 24 so when we got to the attorneys office to close he showed us the hud 1 statement it was completely wrong. Through out the process I told them that the purchase price was wrong on the statement but they still did nothing to correct it. The loan processor was changed als during the process. Now today is the 26 of July and I have to move my family by July 31 but I'm worried that usaa won't have me set up to close by then. I am really frustrated with their services at this point because this was all their fault by not communicating with me or my agent like they should have.


Hi trimmers1,

Thank you for reaching out. I have passed your comment to a mortgage specialist who will review your situation and reach out personally. Thank you again for taking the time to post.



You posted some excellent information about VA construction loans through USAA, back in 2012. I know you are not in the mortgage department, but I have some specific questions I would like to ask of you first, before you direct me to the right person in that department.

Please contact me by email:  cannons@XXXXXXX



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Please see our response here.

We lost our last house (tried to buy one) due to USAAs incompetence. You are not alone.