Making it difficult

I just want to cancel my Home Owners policy. too busy during normal business hours to remember this and get on the phone with the company I no longer enjoy working with. I just wanted to send a message requesting to simply cancel my coverage, but all I get is the assistant that is only programmed to sell more products not take care of a customer and redirection to call during normal business hours. So I am left with this, posting my discontent for something that was really a simple request. I'm not petty, or out for blood, I have already taken my frustration out on USAA in the past, it wasn't until recently that I found a better premium with a different provider that granted my release from my torment from USAA. Please just let me go. Cancel my home owners policy. This will cut my final tie to you. I hope you find your way with better staff one day. But that day is not today. I hope to hear from you soon.

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Smart move leaving USAA.

@About to Jump ship, this is difficult to read and escalating our conversation with your concerns and request to cancel your Homeowner policy. While we do not have a specific follow-up time we appreciate your patience waiting for our response.   ~ Joseph