I wanted to share my experience as I continue on my journey thru the Mortgage Loan Process. So far so good, with a few minor hiccups throughout the first 3 and half weeks. I will say this everyone who I spoke to has been very patient with me, as a first time home buyer it's definitely nerve racking after reading so many negative post. I'm suppose to close on the 1st of May 2014 and I will share with everyone on how I make out with the rest of my journey. Wish me luck everyone.


Good luck . It is a grind but hang in there.
Hello I'm in the process of buying a home got the first time as well. I was pre-approved and out looking at homes. I had to call the mortgage specialist to see if I will be pre-approved I asked get off I would be able to use any grants that I may receive through MD. She advised me that I would have to ask the company I would get the grant from. No I was informed that it's USAA that will say yes or no to grants. I'm going to try to get more info on that be she wasn't too helpful in answering that question. I wish you luck on your homebuying process and me as well!!
Correction: pre-approved for a larger amount.

I've aready been pre-approved for a mortgage loan with USAA and I'm just about to sign a contract for a home. My realtor has never worked with USAA before and we're trying to find out how long the mortgage loan process takes with USAA? My realtor is suggesting a local lender becuase she has had more success with them than banks and there is better communication during the loan process. Has anyone had any positive/negative experiences with the mortgage loan process with USAA and how long did the full process take?

Sounds like your realtor wants her money quick possibly with kickback money from who she will recommend for your mortgage company. VA loan took three weeks longer than a regular loan and my realtor and seller skeptical but I pressed on and it all worked out. Good luck.