Loss Litigation process for your USAA Mortgage

Due to exigent circumstances, I became a couple months past due on mortgage and have recently completed the USAA Loss Mitigation paperwork. I await their decision which should hopefully come by April 30. I am asking if anyone else can offer their experience - I have paid my bills on time and my credit was good. Now with the mortgage payment 30 days past due and entering into a 60 day past due status, my credit is going into the toilet while I wait for USAA's decision. It is not like I was asking for mortgage forgiveness, just a simple 3-4 month forebearance to help me while I paid unexpected medical bills. And the ongoing daily phone calls from the collections department ... I mean, really? They can read my file, they know I have been responsibly paying my USAA car insurance and credit card. When I have 60.00 left after paying the bills until I get paid again 2 weeks later, how can collections not understand I have no money to bring the mortgage current. Has anyone else had experience with USAA Loss Litigation process? Thanks for your input.


I am very sorry to hear about your circumstances. That being said, USAA has transformed from the people oriented organization it once was into a capital / for profit machine only focused on doing one thing and one thing only. Protecting it's bottom line. I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors, but unfortunately I wouldn't count on USAA for an ounce of help.

Thank you for your response. When I asked the rep how long it would take to make a determination, I was told that "many people" are going through the Loss Litigation program and so therefore, it might take 2-3 MONTHS!! In the meantime, having jumped through all the loops their paperwork required, getting all documents into them in a timely manner, plus working with one of their "recommended" HUD sites, I am at a loss as to why the long drawn out process. And in my state, two of the "resources" they gave me are no longer aiding folks. So they really need to get their act together, if they truly want to as their many correspondences to me have stated, "help you save your home." As reputable a company as USAA has been and the history it has, I just expect better service. I am still hoping others might share their experience.


I wanted to check in with you and make sure someone has reached out. Your comments have been escalated and a specialist should have been in touch. Please let me know. Thank you

Thank you for your response. I have yet to hear back further from anyone in Loss Litigation. I called last week to the number given to me in Loss Litigation correspondence and it was not the underwriter's number handling my case; it was a very nice gentleman, but ultimately he was unable to offer any updated status because there was not any. I have gotten more collections phone calls, but they do seem to have lessened. I truly hope a determination is reached soon and assistance given before my past due status enters into the 60 day mark. I have never asked for a handout re my mortgage, just a few months breathing room and if USAA does not mean what it advertises about trying to save the homeowner their home, then it should not be advertised as such. It's not right to tell someone something and not keep their word. Also worth mentioning, the sites USAA recommends to homeowners facing problems, needs to be updated. In NJ for example, NJ Home Keeper Program was no longer accepting new applicants as of NOVEMBER 30, 2013 over a year from the time I reached out to USAA and this is the program suggested to assist me. I think it is an oversight on USAA's part that your customer service agents' are not updated about no longer viable options for homeowners. Thank you for looking into this.

I have asked for a mortgage specialist to reach out again and you should hear from someone today. Please keep me posted! Thank you!

Briana, thank you very much for your responses. I did hear from a specialist on 4/23. However, I was sitting at my desk trying to complete a project for my boss before leaving for the day so I was unable to speak at any length with her let alone go into details about my Loss Litigation Package. Also, she stated she was calling on behalf of the CEO of USAA and it really kind of threw me because during this process I have gotten a fair amount of solitations so I was concerned that it was a fraudulent phone call merely attempting to gather my person information. I did try calling the number back later that evening and it was the general number for USAA, so at least I know that aspect was genuine and I was appreciative that my case was being further looked into. I also called Michael XXXXXX who is the underwriter handling my Loss Litigation package and the first gentleman I spoke with, Solomon, was as helpful as he could be and transferred me to Michael XXXXXXXs voice mail once we were finished speaking. Solomon was able to tell me that the determination re my Loss Litigation should be available by Tuesday, April 28. As far at the outcome of it, I do not yet know and I did not hear back from Mr. Abbott. I have crunched the numbers on my end and am really only asking for a 3 month forebearance so naturally I am quite nervous about the determination outcome as well as the impact it will have on my credit. I very much appreciate you looking into my concerns and responding back in same.

I am very sorry to hear about your circumstances as well. I agree that "USAA has transformed from the people oriented organization it once was into a capital / for profit machine only focused on doing one thing and one thing only. Protecting it's bottom line." May the force be with you on this endeavor. I also feel you can't  count on USAA for an ounce of help. They have what's called predisposed calculations that obviously will have no human factor. They are by far not the USAA of old. A company I "was" proud to be a member of.

Dear Customer999,

I would appreciate the opportunity to get more details about what has happened to make you feel this way. If you could please email us here at [expired email] with your member number and some details about what has left you feeling disappointed, we can have someone here look into the matter further. Thank you for taking the time to post.