Looking to buy a home...and after reading all this....not sure what to do??

I am in the NC market. Looking to buy a home. I am so confused and lost on how to go about the process. And reading all this just makes it more disconcerning. I guess I should look into using my bank. I dont know.


1st get preapproved so you know which homes you can afford, then find a real estate agent.
Find a mortgage broker and compare them to your own bank and see who offers a better deal
Definitely get pre-approved if you are considering buying in the next couple months. Pre-approvals are generally good for 60 days but it can vary from lender to lender. Then I recommend you find a Buyer's Agent. The USAA Home Buying program (I can't remember the exact name of the program) sets you up with an agent and makes you eligible to earn cash back at closing.

I've used USAA twice for this process and I wouldn't do it any other way again. They set me up with great agents and walked me through everything. Plus, I didn't even finance through USAA for our second home but the program was still very helpful. Best of luck no matter what you decide.

Dear Justme4U,

We would to get a specialist in touch with you to walk you through the process and reduce any confusion you have! The home buying process can be intimidating (as is reading the commentary in the community) but I ask you give us a chance to speak with you :) Please send us an email at socialmedia@usaa.com and we will have a mortgage representative reach out at their soonest availability. Thank you.

I would suggest using another bank, unless you feel like constantly staying on top of them about everything. You also have to call the title company becasue even though USAA said they have not received the title paperwork, the title company had sent it 2 weeks prior. My husbands employment verification supposively still has not been received even though his cmopany said they sent it twice. But regardless its all he said she said because you don't have access to what they have.