Locked into 3 year security system contract for a whopping $7 annual discount

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Bought a home.  Insured through USAA.  Obtained a security contract with a national company.  (a company that USAA promotes, although I didn't obtain it through USAA's promotional link)


USAA promotes that a home security/monitoring system will qualify you for a discount on your homeowner's insurance premium.  So does the security company (caveat: *with most insurance companies).  However, as a smart and legal advertisement does, they don't actually display how much of a discount.


Technically, it did provide a discount.  A whopping $7.38 discount.  Ladies and gentlemen, that is not even a 1% discount.


Now, I'm trying to keep in mind that I got this service contract and monitoring equipment for more than an insurance discount.  I enjoy the peace of mind knowing that in the event of a fire, burglary, carbon monoxide, or medical emergency, support services can be requested with the press of a few buttons.  And being able to peek into the camera feed and see what mischief the spouse and pets wreak while I'm at work has significant entertainment value.


However, $7.38 is annoying.  [and the USAA insurance representative who stated that my discount would "of course be higher on a more expensive policy".... well, I'm sure she meant well, but it wasn't a stellar moment of customer service.  It's intended effect, to pacify or mollify or help me understand why my discount was so paltry, failed; and instead it made me feel like my "piddly small" house and policy just wasn't valued by USAA]


So if you are thinking of getting a security alarm and monitoring system primarly for the discount on homeowner's insurance -- I HIGHLY RECOMMEND asking your insurance carrier how much the discount is, prior to signing into a multi-year policy.


Rather, focus on what the monitoring service and system is actually providing you, for that is what you are buying.



Dear EE3,

Thank you for your feedback regarding the security contract you obtained through USAA. I have escalated your concerns to the appropriate department.


I think you may have misinterpreted my post.  I did not purchase my security contract through USAA as an intermediary.  However, I am using one of the two companies that USAA promotes.  Contracting through or without USAA should have no bearing on how the insurance risks are reduced by by a security system with emergency/fire/policy response and 24 hr monitoring.  Either USAA homeowner's insurance department values such a security system as a risk-reducing product or they don't, and for $7/annual (less than 1%) you don't.


Either way, I purchased the security contract so I could spy on the pets spy on the husband deter burglary, monitor and quickly respond to fire, etc., not so I could get an insurance discount... But when I did find out just how much I was saving, I was ... disillusioned disappointed.

Thanks EE3,

I understand your reasoning. I feel similarly about my video baby monitor that enables me to check on her 3,000 times an evening see when she wakes. Thank you for the clarification and thank you for your active and helpful comments in the community!


You may find this humorous -- One of my cats has decided that sleeping right in front of the camera is the "perfect spot."

Anti spy kitty! :) It is truly a wonder that pets are as skilled as they are in the art of being in the most inconvenient spot at the most bothersome time!

I agree about the security system discount. I was very disappointed to learn that the USAA discount for mine was only about 1% of my policy. My research reflects the average homeowners insurance discount for a security system is 5% to 20%. You would think having the police and fire departments notified immediately of a breach would reduce potential claims dramatically. USAA has always had very favorable pricing and discounts in every area that we have coverage, so the 1% is an exception.

Dear B32,

Thank you for sharing your feedback. I have passed your comment to our insurance department for review. Thank you!

My discount with USAA is only $0.73 -- hardly measurable.