This is already a terrible decision to use USAA for a home loan. It is so difficult to gwt ahold of people and the processor has been MIA for a week. I only have 7 more days to get an appraisal and tell the owner of we would like to proceed. This is ridiculous. Everyone I know who used other banks had an appointment for the VA appraisal immediately. DO NOT trust USAA with your home loan if you need it done in a tomely manner. Choose another bank. These people do not have time for you.




I'm sorry to hear of your experience with your mortgage loan. I know a mortgage process is already stressful, and it is never our intent to add to this stress. I have shared your experience with a colleague in the mortgage area for review. They will reach out to discuss and address your concerns. I hope we can get this process on track and restore your trust in USAA. Thank you. -Gus

Luckily I got ahold of the Appraiser! I am reading all of these bad reviews on here and on other sites about USAA mortgage services. Its really a scary thing. When you cant get ahold of someone and you read all of these reviews a lot of red flags come up.
Thank you USAA representative for reaching out to me. I still have not heard from the loan processor but customer service let me know that with the long weekend, she only got my file on tuesday. Which means she was only MIA for 2 days. Still, it would be nice to be able to hear from a loan processor within 48 hours. I wouldn't consider it extremely negligent. I am still concerned about my closing day because after reading extensively about the mortgage with USAA, they tend to be a much slower working loan business than other. I am still hopeful that with the VA appraisal ordered, we are moving along in the process.



I am happy to hear someone reached out to you in response to your concerns. Your point of contact will work with your processor to ensure this process gets back on track. Thank you for sharing your update in the Community. -Gus