I have been a committed customer of USAA for 8 years now and it has been an amazing experience up until this point. Unfortunately, I can not say the same about buying a home with them. Things started off great. I have an amazing realtor that was assigned to me through the movers advantage program. After we made an offer on the property of our dreams, everything turned into a nightmare. We didn't hear from our assigned loan officer for the first few weeks after we put in the offer. I was able to negotiate a 60 day closing so USAA would have plenty of time to get eveything together. WRONG! My closing was supposed to be tomorrow, but now had been pushed to Tuesday. The seller is very upset and is charging me $400 plus needs me to do a short term lease or they are taking the thousands of dollars I invested in earnest money and selling the house to someone else. I am still waiting on final approval. I call my loan processor and he doesn't answer. I call his supervisors and they do not answer or return messages. This has been such a stressful event. I can honestly say this has been more stressful than any of my time spent in the service. That is saying a lot. I would never recommend anyone go through USAA for a home loan. RUN AWAY!


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If there is a way to edit this I would like to know how. I was very upset when I posted this because of everything that was happening. I truly believe my loan processor is a good guy and has a good heart. He did stay late and come in early to work on my file. Last night I was final approved. I do think the mortgage department might be spread too thin. Hopefully that improves in the future.


Thank you for the update. I am glad your mortgage processor is helping. We would like to ensure you are getting everything you need and that everything is in order for your closing to happen on time. Could you send us a message here with the details you provided above and the best way to contact you. Thank you again for both of your posts (it is always good to get an update!!)

Help!!!! We are having the same issue as other members on here! the Loan processors are horrible. We are well over our contract and still have not heard anything back from the underwriters who have sat on our paperwork for weeks. The sellers gave us 48hr notice to terminate the sale if contingencies aren't removed and loan is not approved. It has been 72hrs and still NOTHING!!! This is an outrage. Never ever use USAA for your home loan. I will definitely never do this again. My perception of USAA has been completely deceived. I have sent email after email to talk to someone about expediting our loan and still NOTHING. Promises were made and never followed through. This is the worst service I have ever received. I will be telling our veteran friends, family and acqauaintances NOT to use USAA for anything.



Oh no! I am very sorry to hear this. I have escalated your comments over to a mortgage specialist, and someone should be getting in touch with you shortly. Thank you!

Unfortunately I have also had a very negative experience with obtaining a home loan, although I have been happy with other USAA services. My closing continues to be delayed because of oversights by my loan processor which has caused us to lose money and time. I feel like there is no recourse since we are so far into the process. I would not recommend USAA for home buying services.

Hi Rcgal99,


I have passed along your comment to one of our loan representatives. They will be reviewing and reaching out to you directly. Thank you.