Do not get a mortgage loan with USAA. Mark my words.


My experience with USAA loan officers have been a nightmare and absolutely terrible. I have had Carol XXX as my first loan officer and  she was horrible to deal with. She tried to force me to get out of the Army a month early OR extend my closing date. Right off the bat. She didn't give me any time to speak, always spoke over me and treated me like an idiot. She also kept an unprofessional mannerism and was condescending when talking to me (I was professional with her throughout the process).


Afterwards, they switched me to Ruben XXXXXXX and he was just as unprofessional. He condescendingly asked me if I knew what a closing cost was -- I told him I did know but he went on to define it like I was stupid. This is not good customer service. All they wanted to do was force me into a 4% mortgage and force me to pay them $370 to keep this interest rate locked. He lied to me and said this was the cheapest interest rate possible with ANY lender. Happy to say I'm glad I asked for a second opinion -- I got a 3.75% interest lock with a better, more reliable lender. Thank you!


These people are unprofessional and clearly not fit to be loan officers. They cannot empathize or understand how hard the mortgage process is with the customers. Rudeness and being condescending is not helpful. Hopefully this report / complaint will help them realize their mistakes.




We regret to hear of your experience with your mortgage loan. This is not the type of experience we expect for our members. We have taken this opportunity to share your concerns with a colleague in the mortgage area. They will research your concerns and call you to discuss them. Thank you. -Gus

It's obvious they have not learned from their mistakes. My experience was a nightmare as well . This was a year ago.