I've been a member of USAA for some years now, and have had nothing but good experiences with them.  But not with the mortage process.  The unprofessional experienced started with the pre-qualification, which they charged me $50 for and forgot to calculate in a IRA acount that I have.  So they had to run the pre-qualification again during which the policy had changed and made it so I would not be refunded the money.  This also somehow made the system sign us up with another realtor.  They did things like screw up my employment information, never update the online checklist, and try to say that the termite repairs were never completed (which cost me another $150 for a second inspection).  And now 2 weeks after the initial close date, and 2 days before the apartment kicks us out they find a discrepancy with my name on the certificate that prevents them from getting my loan docs out today.  So now I either pay hundreds of dollars for a hotel room and UHaul truck rental, or my family and I sleep out of my car for the foreseeable future.  The worst part is there is no-one to contact about my problems.  All phone calls and attempted complaints lead back to the same person I have been dealing with the whole time.  So thanks USAA for literally making this military service member and his family Homeless.


Wow. I am so sorry for your experience. I'm praying that someone will step up and give your family free housing or an extension on your lease until this is resolved. I want to say thank you for sparing my family this experience. I have read your and others' experiences today and have taken heed. I was just about to ask for a quote from USAA on a house we are interested in. We will NOT be using USAA for our mortgage because too many are having these horrible and completely inexcusable experiences trying to buy a home through USAA. I so pray that this nightmare is resolved soon for your family.-J


We would like to get someone in contact with you immediately. Could you please email us the best number to contact you and your member number and details of your current situation to socialmedia@usaa.com. We look forward to hearing from you.