I strongly suggest that you cancel USAA if you plan to live overseas.  USAA staff cannot comprehend that American citizens live and work overseas.  They are ignorant to the fact that hundreds and thousands of Americans actually live in foreign countries.


I moved to Mexico in April 2016.  Since then, I have had my ATM card shut down several times - for no apparent reason.  When I expressed my concern, they advised because my card was utilized in Mexico.  They stated "Mexico" has a high fraud rate - the ENTIRE country.  Think about this - I live in Mexico and USAA blocks the whole country as suspicious - the WHOLE country.  They see in front of them (they can view my account) that I used Starbucks in Mexico, movies, dozens of restaurants, etc.  But, the USAA security firmly believe the entire country of MEXICO IS A FRAUD - sounds ignorant to me.


Now I am dealing with another issue - USAA noted supicious activity in the U.S. with my account.  Now they CLOSED my entire account since last Friday (2/17).  I have been without funds for 5 full days and i live in a foreign country.  Everytime I call, they say the analyst needs to unlock the account - however, they (USAA) cannot call "analysts" because they work in some secret room in the basement of some secret building.  WHAT A MESS -WHAT A WASTE OF TIME.


I have noticed in the past year that customer service for USAA members living overseas has gone downhill - I think its time to start bank somewhere else after 15 years as a USAA member!        


Thanks for reaching out, Titothedog. I'm sorry to hear of the difficulties you've recently encountered, and regret the frustration this has caused you. I've forwarded your concerns to the appropriate area for review and handling. Please allow sufficient time for research to be completed. - Cathleen

@Cathleen - I think part of USAA's problem is that members don't have the luxury of the sufficient time it takes for USAA to research problems and reach out to the members.   When accounts are frozen or there are problems with ATM/debit cards, these are problems that need to be solved quickly - not in 4-5 days, etc.   I am not sure that USAA understands the urgency of any matter any more.


  On a personal level, the time lag between requests for information and a response from USAA has been so long that I have made a second or third call to USAA for information.  This of course creates confusion and actually is a time waster for USAA.  If USAA could get their act together and respond in a more timely fashion, maybe members wouldn't be so frustrated.  This would be especially true when USAA's systems (e.g. new Visa debit/ATM cards that aren't always working, Nationstar missteps, etc.) may be the root of the problem.  Sometimes the member may actually be right - USAA may want to think about this being their new working motto.

Cathleen, read my last post.  ATM account is CLOSED!  What a JOKE!!!!!!!!!



This is the reason why USAA customer service really has diminished over the years.  You hire people such a Marie #H2920 whi is completely incompetant in her customer service.  Very rude, ignorant, and one of the worse I have dealt with.  Again, for your background - USAA shut down my account for 5-6 days.  When I begged to have access to my funds they advise all is OK to specifically include my ATM.  About  20 minutes ago, I tried to withdraw funds and guess what - THEY CARD WAS DECLINED - ACCOUNT CLOSED.  This is the CONTINUED harrassment I deal with.....I BEG YOU TO STOP HARRASSING ME - YOU WON!  I WILL CLOSE MY ACCOUNT IN MARCH!

The insanity continues - sheer stupiduty on the part of USAA.  I did the original complaint via this community and received a call from the CEO's staff expressing concern.  I vented for about 15 minutues and received the typical customer service BS.  this is the best part tho - my original post detailed how they (USAA) shut down my account because I live in Mexico (USAA cannot articulate any other reason).  The apologized over and over and over.  Long story short - I just walked over to the ATM and my card (pin) was denied - the account is CLOSED once again.


Luckily, I fly to Florida on the 28th.....anyone suggest any GOOD banks that treat ex-pats with dignity?  I am desparate now to close my account after 15 years......