Let down by USAA 'licensed mortgage processors' all the steps of the way!

There are espectation for us service members, if an institution pledges to serve they should stick to their word; we service members did!

We are closing today, escrow is waiting for USAA to transfer the home loan money today, it has not been done and the USAA staff is not answering email or phone calls.

We have been delayed twice from closing due to USAA lack of interest to serve. I have evidence of USAA staff failures, I will not recommen anyone to get a home mortgage loan from USAA - well, maybe to my enemies...

If there is a portion of will to really serve, then please call me.

Pennie XXXXX is the Agent, and my cell number is XXX-XXX-XXXX. I would like to hear what is the excuse for this issue.

--Alberto XXXXXX Washington XXXXX.


Dear Alberto,

I am so sorry to hear of the trouble you are experiencing. I have escalated your comments and concerns and a mortgage specialist will be reaching out shortly. Please keep us updated here in the community on your closing progress! Thank you

* to protect your privacy, your personal details and the employee name have been removed from your post.