I received a call today 1/8/2021 from USSA concerning my recent water damage claim. I was informed that USSA decided there was no wind damage and they will only cover $320 worth of repairs. With my deductible it won’t cover the cost to repair the kitchen ceiling. The adjuster who was here yesterday and did the inspection determined the damage and that the roof will need replacement, USAA told the adjuster they didn't see what he did and told him to change is findings. How someone sitting behind a desk can determine he was wrong just amazes me.

Rest assured I will have my roof replaced and handle the costs myself. Through all these difficult times a person who has served their country, been a dedicated customer will now have to suffer even more because the company who states they have veterans backs is simply focused on their own financial status and the vet is left to fend for themselves. 11 years paying $1,400 a year for Homeowners and now having to cover roof replacement to save my home at about $10,000 will devastate my family, but we need to stop the water damage that continues to damage our home.

This marks the second claim we have made to USAA over 11 years and each one has been treated unfairly. The first claim was a tree limb that came down during a storm and took all the siding on the side of my home and USSA refused to cover that damage. My neighbor had similar damage from this most recent Storm and their insurance (AMICA) covered 100% for a new roof.  Here I think I have the best insurance, but I see now I’m mistaken.

A company who advertises their support for Vets finds every way possible to avoid helping. I have contributed to homeowner’s insurance for 11 years and have determined we are not getting any value or support from USAA. We will be moving all our services to a different company and I will be sharing my experiences with other Veteran organizations.


Thank you for your service and membership @CaptnKayos.  I certainly understand your concerns with your recent claim and I have forwarded to the appropriate team to further review.  Once received and reviewed, our team may reach out to you for additional information regarding your experience.  ~Marco

Yet another example that USAAs main mission is to enrich it's upper management.  What has intentionally been done to USAA is a disgrace.

Really- the new CEO Wayne Peacock (the first to have never had military service) makes a mere $5 million a year. It's an outrage he's not among the .0001 percent but more like the .001%! USAA exists to exploit its members financially so as to pay lots of $$ to Peacock and presumably the rest of upper management, as you implied, and to make themselves feel better about their privilege by being supplicants elite bigots such as BLM.

Highly recommend that you post your concern on the BBB website.  And you may (or may not) be shocked at the number of complaints about USAA and their less than stellar rating.