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We custom-built to have Mom nearby; now she has passed away & it's too much house. We do not just want to list with a realtor, because this home is a for a very unique-type buyer circumstance. Anyone have suggestion on where to target a 2000 sqft custom wheelchair-accessible home, with mother-in-law suite, on Lake Travis near Austin? Projecting Mid+ 300's. No objection to using realtor but it seems the direct-sell route would be more effective. Thanks.


Lake Travis (and Others);


  1. First of all, the "target market" can be "nationwide" with the proper listing / marketing method.
  2. Listing your home with a local Realtor doesn't mean you won't reach the "unique-type buyer" you are looking for and the MLS can be seen by everyone whom has internet connectivity (which is most everyone in U.S. these days).
  3. FSBO (For Sale By Owner) has its Advantages and Disadvantages.

Advantages of Selling Your Own Home


For Sale By Owner


  • Of course, the biggest advantage a FSBO is that there's no commission to be paid to a Realtor. You get all the proceeds from the sale, minus any marketing costs you incur.
  • second advantage is that you have complete control of the transaction. You don't have to rely on anyone else. You're totally independent.
  • A third advantage concerns your equity. If it's low, you have the possibility of selling your home without having to write a check.
  • fourth advantage is that you don't have to rely on a realtor to schedule showings, answer inquiries, etc.

Disadvantages of Selling Your Own Home

FSBO vs Realtor



  • Perhaps the greatest disadvantage is the tremendous amount of time you have to put into the sale. It's a time-consuming process to do all the paperwork, the marketing and advertising, the showings, etc. by yourself - not to mention the hours it takes to get acquainted with all the legal, financial, and other issues. You must be prepared for this.
  • A second disadvantage is the costs in terms of marketing and advertising. If you don't exactly know what you're doing, this can be very expensive!
  • A third disadvantage is that you won't have access to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). The Multiple Listing Service is only available to licensed Realtors who are MLS board members.  Without access to the MLS, you’re left with few options that will actually get a significant amount of potential buyer traffic and can lead to a very inefficient, ineffective, and frustrating process.
  • The fourth disadvantage relates to your knowledge of the market. If you're not knowledgeable about it, you may not price your house correctly. That is, you may underprice it or overprice it. If you underprice your home, you lose money. If you overprice it, you lose buyers. By the same token, if you do find a buyer and you're not experienced at contract negotiations, you could be taken advantage of.
  • Regardless of where you live, there are many pitfalls throughout the transaction process that can spell disaster for real estate transactions: home inspection requirements and repairs, specific lending requirements, challenging appraisal processes, well and septic inspections, etc.
  • A fifth disadvantage relates to a belief of some buyers. They believe that since you're selling the house by yourself and not paying a commission, then they (the buyer) are the ones who should get the savings instead of you! There is also a perception that if you’re not using a real estate professional, you may be hiding something with the home and that’s not the perception you’d want to convey.

My Advice: Do your homework before considering selling your home by yourself! And, if you do decide to go the FSBO route, be fully prepared in all aspects of home sales!


I hope this helps you (and others).

Lake Travis,

Thank you for your question. Let me also say, I'm sorry for your loss.

Briana H., one of our Community Managers, just wrote a blog post on things to consider when buying a home. The list of resources she highlighted would in many cases also apply to selling a home.


From the post New Homes and Garden Gnomes:


Take Advantage of Military Friendly Resources


  • provides advertising support to military families trying to sell or rent their homes
  • provides military members with access to information on available housing from anywhere in the world 24/7/365, allowing them to start the home finding process as soon as they receive their orders.
  • provides search tools, guidance and products to meet all your real estate needs
  • is a PCS relocation resource and military housing site that allows military families to help other military families by writing reviews about military towns.


These resources offer a way to list your home for potential buyers to view and further information on various real estate topics.


$330,000 Hill Country Texas on Lake Travis Wheelchair-friendly custom ranch home on one acre across the street from private parks and lakeside recreation facilities, designed for extended family. Home is 2900 square feet, a 3 BR/ 2.5 BA main living area plus a private 1 BR/1 BA living area (with separate entry and kitchen). More details at